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Thermography Services

A Thermographic survey of the building envelope can detect the heat emitted from various surfaces internally and externally.

The images recorded as part of the survey are used to evaluate the temperature of different surfaces or variations in temperature across a surface. This can help with the diagnosis of the following issues:

  • Missing or defective thermal insulation
  • Thermal bridging
  • Water ingress
  • Condensation and black mould
  • Heat loss through doors / windows and other components
  • Water leaks from installed services

The survey is non-invasive and no damage of the property fabric is necessary.

The report comprises images taken with a Thermographic camera with an accuracy of 0.05 degrees Centigrade. each image is accompanied by explanatory text which pinpoints areas of concern and provides advice to allow the planning of necessary rectification work or further investigation.

If you have any of the above issues a Thermographic survey can be a very useful  tool for diagnosis.. Please contact James Associates if you would like further information about a Thermographic survey of your property.  

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